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  1. Sandra Pronteau says:

    The Good Wife

    While my husband is out at an annual business convention with variety of business men from all over the continent. I; of course, the wife; the good wife supposingly decided to do extra good activities for my own benefit.

    Never did tell my husband I have received a good settlement from over a few years. Opportunities knocks. Yes; in fact am aware while all the husbands are at their annual business retreats; we the wives are inclined to tending house chores; children; attending to our good duties and wives community engaging functions.

    I came to a conclusion that all the husband are being pampered catered and waited on hand and foot. Having a personal butler fulfilling your daily chores for they can’t managed on their own due to their high complexities of juggling with I Phone texts or chats ranting about how poorly or how good the business is doing in their jurisdictions. Leisurely; I came to think they’re drinking Budweiser or Tequilas and a variety of manly drinks or shots. Boasting their egomaniac approaches. In the meantime; we the good wives of these egomaniac hubbies must continued on carrying daily chores. I myself decided “Screw this I am going to take my enormous cheque in and cash it.” Unfortunately; with banks regulations; holding the cheque to see if it is still good. Success! I received the phone call from the Bank Teller to confirmed my cheque is good to go. Being the loyal good wife I am; I have attended to my finance errands. What is weird, I rehearsed my day for the bank trip. Did I have a obligation to put some cash away in the shared joint account?
    The Bank Teller named Andrew, a long time friend who knew me for many years from our college days. I told him I would like to withdraw from my personal account all of my settlements. Andrew asked “Going on a vacation Gwen?” I said “You Betcha!” “Tired of being the Good Wife “ Adios!”

    Andrew looked a little concern and said to me “Don’t be gone too long.”

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