The Intrepid Pens DTES Reading & Writing Society could not function without the generous support of friends, family, and sponsors (local businesses and organizations). Below, a shout out to those who have contributed in some way:

Mr. Bill Woodson
Blake Bromley, Benefic Group
Pam Lushington, Benefic Group
Mr. and Mrs. Grondahl
Ms. Heidi Turner
Ms. Andrea Pinochet
Sarah Stephen
Ms. Betty Fribance
Ms. Moira C. Ekdahl
Ms. Chris Evans
Ms. Joanne Hausch
Ms. Helen Jordin
Ms. Oriana Evans
Ms. Rhianna May
Ms. Josie Padro
EVENTIDE Luxury Yacht Tours Ltd.
Opus Hotel Vancouver
Book Warehouse Denman
Canterbury Tales
Tanglewood Tales
Megaphone Magazine
Amy Juschka
Sean Condon
Kevin Hollett

Rhonda Shanks
Ms. Kate Lancaster
Ms. Maggie de Vries
Ms. Lea Van Dyck
Ms. Baljit Siekham
Mrs. Rachel Lowry
Naomi Steinberg
The Vancouver Society of Storytelling

VanDusen Gardens
Room Magazine
subTerrain Magazine
Anvil Press
Playhouse Theatre Company
Ron Fryer, Kestrel Books
Ms. Sandra Pronteau (Co-op Radio, 102.7fm)
Characters Fine Books & Coffee Bar 
Ms. Evelyn Lau
Ms. Beth Davies
Ms. Lynn DeCew
Festival Cinemas
Event Magazine
Shadi Elien –
Rebecca Wigod – Vancouver Sun
Erin McInnis – Braincandy Books
The Accomplished Coquette 
Erin Stringer –
Kevin Teichroeb –
Skot Nelson – Beyond Robson
Mrs. Alexis Hinde
Chill Monkeys Apparel 
Mr. Arvi Liimatainen
Mr. Hal Wake (Vancouver Int’l Writers Fest)
Camilla Tibbs
Mr. Alexander McCall Smith
Jeremy Shepherd, The Vancouver Courier
Gerry Bellet, The Vancouver Sun
Ms. Lynn Paus
Ross Bliss, Lisa Grant & Susan Gutmann, Vancouver Public Library
Ms. Marina Princz
Aaron C.
Sarah Veness, Vancouver Int’l Film Fest
Ms. Carolyn Swayze
Ms. Susan Matheson, Bedside Table Books
Ms. Peggy Thompson
Ms. Sonja Kokorsky, Idefix (Berlin)
Mrs. Bett Brown
Devon Taylor & Jill Bennett, CKNW Weekend Morning News Show
Mr. Pierre Martineau, CBC Canada 
Ms. Betti Port
Mrs. Patricia Stewart
Mr. Derrick O’Keefe
Manjote Jhaj
Jason Khaira
Susan Giesbrecht
Debbie Matheson (and The Bookworms)
John Mayne
Ms. Carol Henriquez
Margaret Debbane
Darrell Mindell
Ms. Trudy Pekarsky
Ms. Jean Moir
Val and Al
Susan Climie and Family
Karen Gilmore
Miss Sarah Ivany, Freehand Books
Anakana Schofield
Mr. Charles Demers
Vancouver Board of Trade
Ms. Tracy Campell
Power of Women
Ms. Melissa Martins
Ms. Karin Wills
Fatburger Canada
W2 Media Cafe
Jen Castro, W2 Community Media Arts
Irwin Oostindie, W2 Community Media Arts
Sean Cranbury, W2 Community Media Arts
Lianne Payne, W2 Community Media Arts
Justin Beddall, WE Vancouver
Ms. Susan Turner, Fraser Valley Regional Library
Ms. Fiona Tinwei Lam
Ms. Gillian Jerome
Mr. Brad Cran
V125 Poetry Conference
Eli Horn, Whispers Project
Ms. Csilla Moffat
Old Spaghetti Factory, Gastown
Ms. Mary Bennett, Community Arts Council of Vancouver
Ms. Jenn Farrell
Mrs. Jill Kenney
Teresa Vandertuin

  1. shar starr says:

    Great to see you and your group of awesome women are still going strong!

  2. Amanda says:

    [June 29, 2010] > As soon as the new list was up, I sent a request to all our local used book shops. Kestrel Books and Characters Books both responded with immediate and generous offers – about 20+ books between them. I hope this hints at a successful search! I also hope friends and family will support Kestrel and Characters who’ve demonstrated a real interest in supporting their communities. Thanks guys!

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