As one might imagine, an incredible amount of important discussion and creativity resulted from participation in The Pens’ Book Club. So while Book Club sessions have been suspended until next year, we’ve kept members’ book reviews and book-inspired creative writing online for your reading pleasure. Feel free to add to it! Click here: Book Club Forum

  1. Sandra Pronteau says:

    I find I do read all kinds of material in my home life. Currently; I am reading for pleasure at home is The Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. At first I thought this book was all about purchasing items and so it started to bore me here. So I put the novel down and seek other things to read. I just finished reading The Cat who Tailed the Theif by Sophie ???. Sorry I gave the book to the library down in the common room here in my building. At my bedside, I have some lined up for reading for leisure or looking for a remedy to fall asleep in the late evening. On the weekends I give more time in reading here at home.

    For instance; I start my mornings with this a daily “God’s Purpose for every Woman” by Lysa Terkeurst. This has a series of short version of various women sharing what they’ve excel by give a page1/2 of spiritual teachings in life. It’s a great way to start a day to have a reminder of how to reflect on life and to practice in such manners. My other material I also enjoy along with this is “The Daily Bread” – another Christian daily readings. Yes; I’m a believer!

    Eventually; I go online and then read the daily news/celebrities news/fashion/lifestyles/Health news and the list of other interests and this includes Facebook (FB). Plus I must include some of the community events/committees/Boards and some long dry materials surrounding social justice. Don’t get me wrong; I do enjoy the life of being an activist but I find some are unnecessary materials. I usually lagged on the boring ones and wait till I have the brain to take the time to comprehend these dry ones.

    As the day goes on I will pick up the 24hrs/Metro sometimes when I’m out and about doing errands. I hope you have some ideas on what we should read for future or just for enjoyment right in the comfort of our sanctuaries!

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