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Friday, July 20 2012 (Cafe Deux Soleils)

Megaphone and Intrepid Pens present an evening of readings from the Downtown Eastside. The event will feature powerful readings of poetry and prose from emerging writers from Vancouver’s inner-city.”


“The Pens” have enjoyed reading Room Magazine over the past few years (the Room Team generously donated boxes and boxes of back-issues for our consumption in 2009). So we’re *really* looking forward to a visit from one of the  “Growing Room Collective” volunteers this Saturday (Feb. 25th). Jennifer Z. will guest teach a session on writing and Room and “getting in print” and more.

Room is “Canada’s oldest literary journal by, for, and about women. Published quarterly by a group of volunteers based in Vancouver, Room showcases fiction, poetry, reviews, art work, interviews and profiles about the female experience…Room is a space where women can speak, connect, and showcase their creativity. Each quarter we publish original, thought-provoking works that reflect women’s strength, sensuality, vulnerability, and wit…” Good fit, eh?

This past weekend, Mary Bennett and a team of volunteers from the Community Arts Council of Vancouver (CACV) attended an Intrepid Pens session to work with the group as part of the “SHARE THE LOVE” Project for World Community Arts Day.

I was so disappointed to have missed it (the first session I haven’t led in three years), but our amazing volunteer Sarah was there to facilitate and it was a super-successful day. The group wrote love letters and made collages for “community artists who make our city a better place”.

To learn more about World Community Arts Day, click here. And click here to learn more about CACV. Note: This isn’t the first time that Mary Bennett of CACV has reached out and made an effort to include “The Pens” in exciting community arts projects and events. We’re so grateful.

Below are some pics snapped by CACV intern, Elena:

This Sunday (2:00pm – 3:30pm at the InterUrban Gallery, 1 E. Hastings), Intrepid Pens will join Megaphone Magazine and The Studio Society for a reading of original work as part of the Heart of the City Festival. For more information on the Festival, click here.

* * *

Sunday October 30, 2pm-3:30pm
InterUrban Gallery, 1 E. Hastings

The Downtown Eastside is flowing with creative writers and we’ll hear from participants of three writing groups: the Megaphone Magazine Writing Group, Intrepid Pens and the DTES Studio Society. Along with vendors who sell the magazine on the streets of Vancouver, Megaphone also runs a series of writing workshops in the DTES and downtown Vancouver for marginalized writers. Much of this work is published in the magazine and find their way across the city – giving voice and helping break down stereotypes. Intrepid Pens DTES Reading & Writing Society believe in the power of storytelling as a real vehicle for change and the Studio Society provides workshops and is a publishing house for creative work. This is a great opportunity to hear what just a few of the wonderful writers in our community are saying. Everyone welcome! Free

Thanks to another donation (their second, see Thanks Page) by the generous team at Festival Cinemas, Intrepid Pens will have the opportunity to spend an evening at the theatre next month!

We’ll be seeing an advanced screening of “The Debt” — a film starring Helen Mirren which follows three Mossad agents in pursuit of a war criminal in Europe  — at the Fifth Avenue Cinemas.

Thanks Festival!

Several Book Club and Writing Group members joined me for a trip to VanDusen Gardens yesterday [Jul. 10, 2010]  – a trip made possible by “Sharon” who generously donated free tickets to us). It was beautiful day and the garden was spectacular.

One group member said, as we strolled through the ‘formal rose garden’: “I’ve never seen anything like this. This is heaven to me. I feel inspired. Life really is beautiful!” Can’t beat that as proof of a good day!

(Also, it was incredibly hot and we were there during the middle of the day, so the fact that no one suffered sunstroke or heatstroke of whathaveyou means it was a particularly successful trip!)

Thanks Sharon!

This weekend [Nov. 22, 2010], thanks to a generous donation from Derrick O’Keefe and The People’s Co-Op Bookstore, Intrepid Pens enjoyed a magical evening (with Karl Marx!) at The Cultch, Vancouver East’s Cultural Centre.

The show, People’s Co-Op Bookstore presents: Howard Zinn’s Marx in Soho starring Brian Jones, included a reading by Intrepid Pens member Joan Morelli and a talk by activist and founder/director of Alternative Radio , David Barsamian.

The consensus? The show was a success! The recently-renovated Cultch theatre is beautiful, Joan Morelli and David Barsamian both gave pitch-perfect and powerful readings, and Brian Jones as Karl Marx blew us away.

Thank you Cultch, Derrick O’Keefe, and The People’s Co-Op Bookstore!


Thanks to VPL (Central Branch) and Literature, Social Sciences, and Multicultural Services Manager, Ross Bliss, Intrepid Pens had the opportunity to spend several hours in a private computer lab this week [Oct. 22, 2010] learning about the internet, email, blogging, and word processing.

It was a chance for us to learn how to further promote the group and the great work that comes out of it. Thanks Ross and VPL! We’re very grateful for your support and service.

NOTE: This activity – spending time as a group in a computer lab researching, writing, editing, learning – is something we’d like to repeat. So if you know of a space that would support an endeavor like ours, please get in touch!